Lycoming Creek Bikeway

5.25 Miles

Trail Description

The northern end of the trail starts in trees at a community park on Bair Road in Hepburnville, and quickly opens up to farmlands with fields of corn and grasses and rabbits foraging. Most of the rest of the way is in open space where you can see the wide valley walls on both sides and in the distance up ahead. The trail runs beside Heshbon Park with sports fields and playground equipment (Mile 1.8), which has parking available. At Mile 3.7, the trail takes a slight jog and parallels US-15 for a short distance before dipping under it. This segment of the bike path ends at Memorial Drive but you can catch the trail again by taking a left on Memorial Drive, going over the bridge and turning right to the trail. At Mile 4.75 the trail comes to a bridge over the Lycoming Creek. Cross the bridge, turn right, and come around on the far side of the river to pick up the trail again. It is up on a levee here, overlooking the river. Another old railroad bridge across the creek graces the southern end of the bikeway at West 3rd Street in Williamsport, not far from US-15. It is open for traffic, though the trail does not officially go over the bridge here. If you want to continue from here it must be on-road.

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