Black Forest Trail

43.49 Miles

Trail Description

The Black Forest Trail is a 42 mile loop trail in the northwest corner of Lycoming County near the village of Slate Run, PA. Slate Run is located along Pine Creek on highway 414, 27 miles north of Jersey Shore, PA. The trail starts and finishes in a pine plantation 0.8 mile from the Slate Run Village on the state forestry road. The forestry road leaves Route 414 in a westerly direction. The name Black Forest was derived from the dense, dark (black) virgin coniferous forests that originally covered the region. The Black Forest Trail is a rugged trail with many vistas as the trail winds up to heights overlooking Slate Run, Morris Run, Big Dam Hollow, Naval Run, and Pine Creek. There are many steep climbs on the Black Forest Trail but the vistas are well worth the effort. In the spring, when the water is high, the many creeks that traverse the trail provide numerous beautiful scenes.

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