Nescopeck State Park Trails

17.63 Miles

Trail Description

Bordered on the south by steep Mount Yeager and on the north by Nescopeck Mountain, the 3,550-acre Nescopeck State Park encompasses wetlands, rich forests and many diverse habitats. Nescopeck Creek, a favorite of anglers, meanders through the park. Hiking trails follow the creek, climb mountains, pass through quiet forests and skirt wetlands. An environmental education center provides year-round educational programs on the park’s unique resources. Many of the trails begin along Honey Hole Road. Visitors can discover the unique habitats in the park on trails that traverse forests, fields and wetlands. Several trails lead to and parallel beautiful Nescopeck Creek. Due to the unique natural resources in the park, mountain biking is prohibited on park trails. Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing: These popular winter sports are permitted on all trails throughout the park. The ungroomed trails are relatively flat or have slight grades making them a great way to explore the park during winter.

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