Allegheny Front Trail

40.61 Miles

Trail Description

The AFT is approximately 41.5 miles long. It provides the opportunity for a multi-day backpacking trip. Most hikers will need 5 to 6 days to complete the entire trail. However, it is possible to take shorter trips by utilizing other trails and/or forestry roads. The AFT is marked with yellow blazes but many of the various trail connectors are marked with different colors. The two primary cross connecting trails are the Shingle Mill Trail (yellow blazes) and the Moss Hanne Trail (yellow blazes). Note: Double blazes indicate a change in direction. The AFT utilizes old logging roads, haul roads, state forest roads, other hiking trails and Native American Indian paths. Fantastic vistas reward hikers in the southeast and northeast portions of the AFT. The AFT traverses a variety of habitats – steep hillsides and valleys, wetlands, mixed deciduous and coniferous trees, thick rhododendron, and streams. Some streams have bridges while others do not. So, be prepared to get wet. A walk on the AFT is often a walk through history. Evidence of its logging past, such as old splash dams and huge white pine stumps, reveals itself to the observant hiker. Edifices such as old camps and the Plume Forge are little more than rocks in the ground where their foundations must have been. Some areas of significance are marked with signs but many will only be discovered by the discerning eye. Mileage markers are listed along AFT Trail to help identify specific locations and/or trip planning options. The mileages are GPS and reflect level map distances between points. This means if there is elevation changes the true trail distance is would be slightly longer.

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