West Branch French Creek Trail

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0.89 Miles

Trail Description

The West Branch French Creek Trail consists of a 1.1-mile unpaved loop that follows along the edge of the West Branch French Creek floodplain and offers glimpses of old meanders and oxbows. This hiking trail leads north through an aspen stand, crosses a large utility right-of-way, and winds past a stand of apples trees to a series of picturesque beaver ponds. A rough-hewn log boardwalk, or puncheon, traverses a wetland located just below a beaver dam. The trail then loops around land that used to be a Christmas tree plantation and which now contains rows of 20-30 foot tall spruce, pine, and fir trees. Along this section, the trail skirts an upland forest of American beech, sugar maple, and black cherry trees. Depending on the season, portions of the trail may be quite wet. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear that you do not mind getting wet. Additionally, from the parking area off of Route 8, there is a short and paved, handicapped accessible path that leads to a covered pavilion containing tables and grills.

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